Antonio Garbenet

Exposures in Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Lausana.
It is a Barcelonan painter that uses mixed technicians, oil painting and plastic... Frecuenta The artistic circles of the City Condal and plasma in his cloths the urban landscape of Barcelona, the Promenades, the Real Square, emblematic edifices like The Liceo, The Roundabout, modernist edifices, the architecture of Gaudí, the Park Güell, the Walk of Gracia, the Tibidabo, the Port, and tambien landscapes of other places, the Costa Brava, Cadaqués, the south of France, Greece, beaches and islands...
The Real Square. Barcelona
Sol and shadow. South of France
The Liceo. Barcelona
Cadaqués 1. Barcelona
Cadaqués 2. Barcelona
Gaudí. Barcelona
Islands. Oceano Pacífico
Beaches. Pacific Ocean
Beach 2. Indian Ocean
The roundabout. Barcelona
Reflections. South of France
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