Presented the Team Vial Motorbikes Competition

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Noticias The squad bets by the quarry and his five pilots of the squad, from among 13 and 22 years,  are Aragonese

Saragossa, 5 March 2014. The Room Virago of the Shopping centre Port Venecia received yesterday the presentation of the Team Vial Motorbikes Competition for the season 2014. The squad, composed by five pilots, all they of our community, will participate in the Cup of Spain of Mini-Speed and in the Championship of Spain of Minimotard. It treats of a young squad, the age of the pilots is among 13 and 22 years and that bets by the quarry. This is the aim of the managers of the Squad, the brothers Ureta, Alex and Fran, and Sergio Alot. To give continuity to the squad, counts tambien with a School of Driving where teachs to the smallest to handle and drive motorcycles of competition.  Besides, it treats of a totally private project, worthy to praise in the current times.
To the act attended big number of people among familiar of the pilots, amateurs to the motorcycling, esponsors  and institutions, so much public like private. Stand out the presence of the President of the Aragonese Federation of Motorcycling, Roberto Royo-Villanova Martinez and of General Director of the Sport of the Government of Aragon, Felix Brocate. This last, closed the act of presentation with some words in which it stood out the endeavour of the squad and the bet by the Aragonese quarry. Equally it offered the support and backrest of the DGA for this type of initiatives, no in the best conjuntara possible, and that they are the starting point for a big future of the motorcycling in Aragon.
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